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SafePal released App version IOS v2.7.1,Android v 2.7.1! 🤩

  • THETA and Polygon supported

  • A new 'Buy Crypto' DApp

  • Hardware Wallet firmware update notification

  • Other improvements

SafePal released a new S1 hardware wallet firmware V1.0.29 ✌️

  • THETA and Polygon supported

2021/6/3 ‌

SafePal released App version IOS v2.6.0! 🥳 ✌️

  • Supported App lock Supported Face ID(iOS only)

  • Supported fast payment

  • Supported custom derivative path setting during wallet recovery

  • Added Dapp node settings

  • Optimized the withdrawal interface of the Binance DApp


SafePal released App version IOS v2.5.9! 🥳 🤩

  • Supported the light mode

  • Fixed the VET transfer issue

  • Fixed compatibility issues in DApp login, withdrawal and picture upload

  • Optimized the Binance Trading DApp UX, including the display of the order history, and the order status


SafePal released App version IOS v2.5.8 🥳

  • Fully supported VeChain, VET and VeChain tokens

  • Added risk warning for non-backup wallets (3 days per warning)

  • Supported Turkish, Indonesian and Thai

  • Optimized the PassPhrase setting UI of the wallet creation UI in the SafePal App

  • Added 'Join hardware wallet user group' invitation in the App. Users will see the invitation once a S1 hardware wallet is paired with the SafePal App.

  • Optimized the TRX miner fee pop-up display

SafePal released a new S1 hardware wallet firmware V1.0.27

  • Fully supported VeChain, VET, and VeChain tokens

  • Supported NFT transaction signing within the DApps


SafePal released App version IOS v2.5.7,Android v 2.5.6! 🤩

  • Enhanced the compatibility for the node upgrade of the KSM and DOT network. (Firmware needs to update to V1.0.25)

  • Supported Russian

  • Optimized the login and trading UX of the Binance Trading DApp


SafePal released a new S1 hardware wallet firmware V1.0.24 😍

  • Added seed verification feature. Users can verify whether the seed phrases and Passphrase (if any) they recorded are consistant with the ones stored in the S1 device without resetting the wallet.

  • Fixed some known issues.


SafePal released App version v 2.5.5!

  • Enable SFP Unlock feature

  • Added the "Switch Wallet" tab at the top bar in the App

  • Supported "Stop Limit" orders in the Binance Trading DApp

  • Enabled "Convert small assets to BNB" feature and search bar in the Binance Trading DApp

  • Customized Dapp approve limit

  • Enabled DOT max transfer

  • Release notes provided for 2 of 2 languages


SafePal released App version v 2.5.4!

  • Added thousands separators to all the in-App figures

  • Displayed the official Telegram community on the About page.

  • Optimized the order of currency unit.

  • Fixed the balance update issue after a transaction

  • Fixed the bug of the wrong transaction status.

  • Enabled the decimal point of ',' .

  • Fixed the issue of failing to return to the last step in the DApp under Android 10.

  • Fixed the error of available balance on the Swap page.

  • Release notes provided for 2 of 2 languages


SafePal released App version v 2.5.3!🥳

  • Added custom setting for Swap slippage

  • Iterated SFP Claim DApp for Round 2


SafePal released App version v 2.5.2! 🥳

  • Added custom setting for Swap slippage

  • Iterated SFP Claim DApp for Round 2


SafePal released App version v 2.5.1! 🤩

  • Supported Portuguese

  • Added contract address on the Swap interface

  • Fixed a Dapp incompatibility issue


SafePal released App version v 2.4.0! 🎇

  • Supported TRON DApps (A firmware upgrade is required for hardware wallet users.)

  • Supported BTC Native SegWit address format (A firmware upgrade is required for hardware wallet users.)

  • Supported BTC Direct service

  • Optimized the gas fee display for ETH/BSC/ETC transactions

  • Supported custom gas fee in the third-party DApps

  • Added 30 fiat currency units in the App.

SafePal released firmware version v1.0.22! 🤩

  • Supported the signature for Tron Dapps

  • Supported BTC Native SegWit address format


SafePal released App version v 2.3.0! 🎇

  • Optimized ETH transaction user flow, adding cancellation and accelerator feature

  • Supported NFT storage and transaction

  • Added instant swap with 0 fee in the Swap section

  • Supported Claim Spark feature

SafePal released firmware version v1.0.21 🤩

  • Supported NFT storage and transaction

  • Supported Claim Spark feature


SafePal released App version v 2.2.0!🤩

  • Integrated with Binance Smart Chain and BEP20 tokens

  • Supported Market feature, so that users can view market price and K line in the wallet

  • Optimized Dapps interface, and supported all Dapps issued on Ethereum and BinanceSmartChain. Users can access popular Dapps in the Dapp Square, or enter links to visit the Dapps they like.

SafePal released firmware version v1.0.20 🤟

Supported the signature of Binance Smart Chain transfer 🎈


SafePal released App version v 2.1.0 🤩

  • Custom sorting order of the Asset page

  • Fixed known issues

SafePal released firmware version v1.0.19 🥳

Supported DApp internal signature 🎈


SafePal released App version v 2.0.0 🤩

  • Custom order of wallet list

  • Added 'DApps' tab to support all upcoming DApps

  • Fully integrated with Uniswap, and supported WalletConnect login to Uniswap

  • Supported 'Memo' function in 'My address'

  • Added 'Blockchain Explorer' in the info page of each currency

  • Displayed contract address for all ERC20 tokens

  • Displayed Ethereum smart contract transaction history

  • Compatible with Coinbase QRcode on the receive interface

  • Activated the DOT transfer feature on the Polkadot network

SafePal released firmware version v1.0.18 🥳

  • Added 'Authorization' in the 'Signing History' tab

  • Supported authorization and signing of the Ethereum-based DApps(e.g. Uniswap)

  • Supported authorization and signing of Binance Exchange in the DApps category


SafePal released App version 1.9.1 ! 🥳🤟

SafePal is the most secure and powerful wallet application for storing, managing, buying, and trading cryptocurrency. This update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


SafePal released App version 1.9.0 ! 🥳

  • Added Swap feature

  • Added 'Address Book' feature. Users can import and manage regular addresses

  • Supported public key export from software wallet(only available for BTC/LTC/BCH/DASH/DOGE)

  • Optimized currency list on the 'Send' page

  • Added price fluctuation ratio display on the 'Asset' page

  • Added asset distribution graph in the wallet info page


Another milestone! SafePal released App version 1.8.0 ! 🥳 🥳🤩

SafePal Lite Software Wallet is officially released, supporting powerful features including:

  • Wallet recovery through a mnemonic phrase

  • Wallet import via mnemonic phrase, private key, Keystore and public addresses

  • Passphrase feature embedded

  • Public address sharing to your social network via SNS

  • Complete upgrade of system UI, providing a better user experience


Released App version 1.7.0 and firmware version 1.0.17, with the following new features: 🤩 🤟 🤟

1.Added 4 blockchains: 🥳 🥳


-XLM(Stellar) and all Stellar Tokens


-Polkadot(DOT)(Mainnet is yet launched)

2.Supported BCH Legacy/Cash address format 🎈


Released App version 1.6.0 and firmware version 1.0.16, with the following new features: 🥳 🥳

  • Added ETC, EOS and EOS tokens

  • Supported Passphrase feature

  • Supported both the SegWit and Legacy transfer of BTC



Released App version 1.5.0, with following new features: 🥳🥳 🎈



Released App version 1.4.0 and firmware version 1.0.14, with following new features: 🥳 🥳

  • Currency support: TRX, NEO, ZEC & DGB, and all TRC10, TRC20 & NEP-5 tokens. 🤩

  • Supported NEO GAS claim feature

  • Support Litecoin Legacy address and Segwit address management



Released App version 1.3.0 and firmware version 1.0.13, with following new features: 🤩 🤟 🥳

  • Supported ONE, XRP and DOGE 🤟

  • Added French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese traditional 🎇

  • Supported 'add coins in bulk' feature(only available for firmware V1.0.13-10007 and above) 🎇



Released App version 1.2.0 and firmware version 1.0.12, with following new features: 🥳 🥳 🥳

  • Supported Litecoin(LTC), BitcoinCash(BCH) and Dash(DASH) 🤟🥳🤩

  • 🛡️ Iterated firmware upgrade interfaces including 1)before a firmware upgrade, there will be a PIN code verification, and 2)from next upgrade, users do not need to recover wallet after the upgrade is completed.

  • 🛡️ Added security surfix, enhancing systematic security level

  • 🛡️ Added firmware privacy protection. Each time a user starts the device and check the asset details, a PINcode verification will be required.



Released App version 1.1.2, with following new features: 🤩

  • Improved App stability

  • Improved asset info page

  • Improved BTC transfer interface

  • Added 'Hide Balance' feature



Released App version 1.1.1, with following new features: 🥳

  • Improve fingerprint login and gesture login

  • Supported Send feature via Binance Dex

  • Added auto-paste feature to improve transfer UI

  • Added fingerprint verification UI for transfer and trade

  • Enhanced App stability



Released App version 1.1.0 and firmware version 1.0.10, with following new features:

  • ☑️ Supported Binance DEX. Now you can trade at ease in mobile with your fund always securely stored in SafePal wallet! 🤟 (Binance DEX user to here)

  • ☑️ Supported login to Binance DEX via WalletConnect. It makes your trading experience frictionless!

  • ☑️ Upgraded the 6-digit App password into a 8-alphanum security password in the SafePal App.

  • ☑️ Added fingerprint login

  • ☑️ Added pattern login



  • Enhanced App stability, and released new version(Android 1.0.5 / iOS 1.0.7)



  • Optimized the App capacity and network performance

Bug fixes

  • Fix errors of App failure

  • Fix errors of showing wrong calculation of crypto amount in the App

  • Fix missing balance for some tokens in the App



  • Another milestone! 🥳 SafePal launched the first upgraded firmware V1.0.9-10006, in which Binance Mainnet Coin, Binance Chain and all BEP2 tokens are supported! 🚀 🚀



  • Optimized the "Receive" page interface in the App

  • Optimized QRcode scanning algorithm on some Android cellphones

Bug fixes

  • Fix some missing tokens from Ethereum

  • Fix some small design cases



  • Supported Binance Chain Mainnet

  • Optimized user interface to make scanning mechanism more understandable for beginners

Bug fixes

  • Fix error of showing wrong balance in the App

  • Fix failure of scanning QRcode on some phone types


🎈 SafePal S1 is officially open for sale today!! 🥳 This is a biiiiiig day! 🤩

🤟 Get a SafePal S1 on our homepage or Amazon US 🚚 , download SafePal App 📱 and start your secure and best crypto journey ever! 🙌

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