SafePal Wallet Holder Offering X Moonpot

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This is a tutorial guide explaining how to participate in the SafePal x Moonpot Wallet Holder Offering

3 Things to know before you start

  1. Since only SafePal App users are able to participate in the WHO campaign, please make sure you have downloaded the latest SafePal App from here, set up the SafePal App, and created a wallet in the App.

  2. To participate in the SafePal x OpenOcean Wallet Holder Offering, all participants MUST Register for the Whitelist Snapshot first. The DEADLINE for the Whitelist Snapshot is at 2AM UTC on July 22, 2021.

  3. To claim the rewards from the Twitter, Telegram, and Referral tasks, you will have to become a whitelisted user and complete the Moonpot CAKE game first.

How to Participate

As each SafePal Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) is different from one another because every crypto project is inherently different, the participation rules for each WHO event will also be different.

The complete participation rules of the SafePal WHO X Moonpot campaign can be found in the blog announcement, and the following are the tutorials for the tasks:

page[POTS] Register for Whitelist Snapshotpage[POTS] Follow + Retweetpage[POTS] Join Telegram Communitypage[POTS] Moonpot CAKE Game

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