Trade On The Binance Trading DApp

Step 1 Login and deposit into the Binance Trading DApp

Before creating a trading order in the DApp, make sure that you have logged in and deposited a sufficient balance in the DApp. Learn how to login and deposit from the below tutorials

Step 2 Select the asset you aim to trade for

In the Binance Trading DApp, go to "Markets", and select the token that you want to trade. This tutorial uses BTC as an example.

Step 3 Create an order

Here we use "Buy BTC" as an example. Click Buy on the BTC K-line page.Enter the amount that you want to buy and click "Buy BTC" to create an order.

Step 4 Wait for the order to complete

Wait until the order is completed. You can view your order on the Buy page, or in the order history.
Last modified 8mo ago