How to make sure that Binance will not block my funds when using Binance Spot Trading in SafePal?
First of all, the Binance feature integrated on SafePal is exactly the same as the current transaction feature. As a partner, we integrate Binance's full set of Spot trading functions in the SafePal wallet.
Therefore, all security terms and service terms are consistent with Binance. More details can be found here.
Binance accounts created in SafePal are indeed managed by Binance. It is a centralized trading account that exists on Binance's centralized trading platform.
The Binance spot trading function integrated on SafePal, only use your BNB address to create an account, not your personal information. (No phone, NO email address)Therefore, Binance does not have your personal information. You can use this feature normally in SafePal. If Binance has any new news, we will promptly notify the community.
But please note that you must take good care of your mnemonic phrase, do not give it to anyone, and do not enter it online. Once the mnemonic phrase is lost, then your assets lost.
Last modified 9mo ago
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