SafePal Wallet Holder Offering X OpenOcean
OOE WHO Campaign Summary
This is a tutorial guide explaining how to participate in the SafePal x OpenOcean Wallet Holder Offering
SafePal X OpenOcean Wallet Holder Offering

Requirements (Mandatory)

    Must have either a paired SafePal Hardware Wallet OR 300 SFP Token within your SafePal Wallet App
    Register for the Whitelist Snapshot
    Must be a New OpenOcean User (The Wallet must have never used OpenOcean platform before)
    Register before April 1st, 2021 1:00PM UTC Timezone

Campaign Rules

As each SafePal Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) is different from one another because every crypto project is inherently different. The tasks required to participate and obtain WHO project tokens will also be different.
The SafePal x OpenOcean Wallet Holder Offering will be in 2 parts:

Part 1 Whitelist Snapshot

Starting Date: March 30th, 2021 1 PM UTC Time
Ending Date: April 1st, 2021 1 PM UTC Time
For the 1st part of the campaign, users must participate in the whitelist process by registering for the SafePal x OpenOcean Wallet Holder Offering snapshot.
In part 1 of the campaign users will be allowed to perform the following tasks.
Please note that only users who enter the whitelist and complete the OpenOcean trading task are eligible to claim the following 3 tasks.

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Part 2 Official OpenOcean Trading Challenge

Starting Date: 1 PM UTC, April 1st, 2021
The 2nd part of the campaign will allow all registered whitelisted users to begin performing the trading task
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