Google 2FA Backup Reset
If you forgot the 2FA backup key for the Binance Spot Trading system within the SafePal App, please follow the steps below to provide relevant information. The SafePal team will assist in resetting the original Google Authenticator so that you can re-verify.
1. Write down your Wallet Name and account address on paper. 2.Prepare a legal document that can prove your identities, such as a passport or identity card. 3. Take a clear picture of yourself holding the documents in Step 1 and 2(see the sample below). 4. Send the picture and the information in Step 1 to [email protected], with the email title ‘Reset Google Authenticator’.
5.After receiving your reset request, the SafePal team will deal with your needs as soon as possible and will notify you via email after completion. Thanks for your cooperation.
Last modified 9mo ago
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