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The transaction function is one of the most frequently used functions on a hardware wallet. This section will guide you through the complete “Send” and “Receive” features on a SafePal wallet. Meanwhile, you could find in this section the most frequently asked questions about the transaction, such as “How to check my transaction status?” or “What should I do if I transfer to a wrong address?” For more details, please view the articles!
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Useful tips for transfers:

We often encounter users asking for help when they transfer money to a wrong account, for example sending VEN tokens to a VET address. Although we really want to help, in the decentralized world, there is no way to recover the lost fund caused by such mis-operation.
Therefore, when transferring money, please pay attention to the following safety tips:

1. Do not transfer currency across chains or cross-currency.

If you mistakenly send VEN tokens to a VET coin address, your funds are likely to be lost. Please be noted that a cryptocurrency address cannot receive funds from a different token or chain. Please carefully check your address and type of token before transferring. If you are not certain about it, please ask contact the token issuer or reach out to SafePal technical team for help.

2. If you are going to transfer a big amount of tokens, it is always better to send a small amount first.

This is a common operation in the financial industry. Before sending a large amount of token, it is more secure to transfer a small amount first. After the small transaction is confirmed successfully, the remaining amount can be then transferred out. Thus can prevent huge loss due to human errors.

Articles in this section:

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