After-sales support

How can I make sure my SafePal wallet is genuine?

There are a few useful tips to make sure your SafePal device is genuine:

1)Please make sure to purchase the wallet through the official sales channel. SafePal S1 is now available on the SafePal homepage and Amazon(Official reseller HaloCam).

2)There are anti-faking stickers on the SafePal package box. After receiving the package, please check the appearance of the package carefully to make sure the product is intact.

Every SafePal device is embedded with a device authentication mechanism before they leave the factory. Once you receive and start the SafePal device, there will be a device authentication process required before the wallet configuration. Details of the device authentication process can be found here. If you turn on the device and don’t see the device authentication interfaces, it could be possible that the device has been turned on or used before.

In this case, please visit and click 'Help' at the corner of the website to submit a request for further assistance.

How long can the device sustain after it’s fully charged?Would it be OK if I keep it in a safebox and don’t charge it for a long time?

The battery we use is a lithium battery. Assume that a user uses SafePal S1 wallet 10 minutes per day, the device can sustain around 20 days after it’s fully charged.

Since the battery is a lithium one, one of the nature of a lithium battery is that, if you don’t charge it regularly, the battery life would reduce gradually. In order to maintain the best working condition of the lithium battery, we recommend charging the SafePal wallet at least once every 3 months.

Even if the battery is out of service eventually, the SafePal S1 device can still function normally by plugging into a computer using a USB cable. Or you can visit and click 'Help' at the corner of the website to submit a request for further assistance.

How long do I need to charge the device?

Usually, a 5V 1A charger can charge the battery full in 2-3 hours. The time might be longer if you use a smaller charger. We recommend to charge it during the night time when you sleep, thus there won’t be any inconvenience.