How To Create A SafePal Software Wallet

This is a guide to teach users how to create a SafePal Software Wallet within the SafePal Wallet App. The guide will cover the basics on how to create a software wallet, receive coins and tokens within the SafePal App as well as adding coins into your SafePal App for viewing. Users can download the SafePal App via this link.

Step 1: Download & Install the SafePal Wallet Application

The first step is to download a SafePal App from the following link. SafePal offers both a hardware and software wallet solution and the SafePal app is available for both Android and IOS users.

Step 2: Setup the SafePal App

After downloading the SafePal App, users can open the app and create a software wallet. This will be the first page a new user sees upon opening the SafePal App for the first time. Simply select Create Wallet, and set up a security password, pattern, and fingerprint as instructed by the App.

Step 3: Create a Software Wallet

This is done by selecting Create Wallet once again, except this time a security password request will appear. Please enter the security password that you have just created.This tutorial is showing how to create a software wallet via the mnemonic phrase.

The following step afterward involves naming your new Software Wallet and selecting the number of mnemonic phrases you wish to use. In this case, we will name the Software wallet SafePal and set the number of mnemonic phrases to 24. Afterward, click Next.

The new Software Wallet is now created however please backup your mnemonic phrase by selecting the Back up my phrase button and agreeing to all the notices.

Once users have successfully backed up your mnemonic phrases, the Software Wallet is now ready for SAFE use. You can check to see if the wallet has been successfully created by selecting the address tab highlighted in red on the upper left corner.