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Will Binance Future be supported as well?

We are now looking into this. The rules and requirements of future trading are more complicated. We will keep the community updated if we have a concrete timeline on this.

Where is my fund if I create the Binance DApp account and deposit funds into it?

If you create a Binance account in the SafePal wallet, and deposit crypto into that account, the assets are under Binance’s custodian. The integration done in the V2.1.0 update is mainly for you to trade crypto on Binance easily, without leaving your wallet.

Does SafePal charge any fee if I create the Binance DApp account and trade crypto?

No. SafePal does not charge any additional fee on the users creating Binance DApp accounts and trading crypto. The trading fee of using the Binance Trading DApp is the same as the Binance main station platform.

Does it cost any fee if I withdraw the balance from the Binance DApp account?

If the balance is withdrawn to a Binance internal account, AKA Binance internal transfer, there is no fee charged. If the withdrawal is sent to an external address, there will be a commission fee charged by Binance(not by SafePal).

Can I use my existing Binance account to login to the Binance DApp?

The Binance Trading DApp in the SafePal App is using a BNB address authorized login mechanism, which is different from the traditional Binance accounts, which are created based on users’ emails and phone numbers. The previous Binance account users created on Binance using email and phone number cannot be used on the Binance trading system in the SafePal wallet.

How do I recover my Binance DApp account if there is no email or phone number involved?

The Binance DApp account is bind with your seed phrase stored in the SafePal Wallet. So long as your seed is securely backed-up, you can always retrieve the Binance DApp account by 1) recovering the seed into the SafePal wallet, and 2) login to the Binance DApp again.

I can't find the Binance Trading DApp in the DApp store

If you can't find the Binance Trading DApp in the DApp store, it could be possible that this service is restrained in your country. Please kindly switch to another network to properly access this DApp. Learn more from our Terms Of Service here.

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