What should I do if my firmware upgrade fails?

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The firmware upgrade mechanism of SafePal hardware wallet enables user to be updated with the latest SafePal product features and new blockchian integrations. To properly upgrade your SafePal Hardware Wallet, there are a few key takeaways to pay attention to in order to avoid upgrade failures.

1. Make sure the firmware name is kept as 'upgrade.bin' instead of other names

If you have downloaded the SafePal upgrade firmware before, the firmware file stored in your computer could be named as 'upgrade.bin(1)' or 'upgrade.bin(2)'. Don't forget to rename the file as 'Upgrade.bin' in order for the hardware wallet device to detect it properly.

2. Don't forget to click 'Enter Upgrade Mode' on the SafePal Hardware Wallet

On the SafePal Hardware Wallet, you will have to manually click the 'Enter Upgrade Mode' in order to initialize the upgrade program inside the device.

3. Do not open the firmware file. Drag it into the virtual disk instead

A lot of users might have mistakenly opened the firmware file during the upgrade, which actually isn't a necessary action. For the wallet device to detect the firmware, simply drag the firmware file into the virtual disk popping up in your computer.

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