Buy a SafePal wallet

Where can I buy a Safepal S1?

For now, SafePal S1 is now available at 9 online channels!

Buy on Amazon US Buy on Amazon UK Buy on Amazon FR Buy on Amazon ITA Buy on Amazon CA

Buy on the Homepage Buy on Amazon AU Buy on Amazon ES 微店

Coming next, we will continue to launch more sales channels in other countries to make our products more accessible to the masses. Stay tuned!

Why is the SafePal Amazon seller called HaloCam?

HaloCam is a SafePal-authorized Amazon operational partner(not a distributor). They are very experienced in Amazon shop operation.

If you might concern about supply chain attack, please rest assured that we deliver the products directly to Amazon warehouse, HaloCam is not responsible for the logistics and will not access to the goods. Cheers. 🎇

Is there some discount on bulk orders/wholesale?

Thank you for asking this.

For bulk orders or wholesale, please reach out to Our sales team will surely reach out as soon as possible.