Order & Delivery

Special Notice For Packages From Certain Countries & Regions

When placing a SafePal order, if the package destination includes the following countries or regions, please pay attention to the following details. If the required information is not correctly provided in-time, the logistics will refuse to accept the package, thus leading to delivery delay.

🇧🇿 Brazil

  • Please provide the personal tax number (CPF) of the recipient in the address as required by the Brazilian local customs

  • Por favor, contenha seu Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF) na linha de endereço de acordo com a exigência aduaneira brasileira, ou o pacote não será entregue. Obrigado pela sua compreensão!

🇨🇳 Taiwan 台湾

  • Please email support@safepal.io with your Order ID and personal ID number. In the meantime, please download the EZway App, and complete the real-name authentication within the App

  • 請電郵support@safepal.io提供您的訂單編號和身份證號碼。同時,請下載EZway App,並在App裏完成實名認證

🎌 Japan 日本

  • Please email support@safepal.io with your Order ID and detailed Japanese shipping address.

  • 注文IDと日本の詳細な配送先住所をsupport@safepal.ioにメールで送信してください

🚩 Other Regions

  • A zipcode must be provided at the checkout for package delivery

  • Please provide as detailed shipping information as possible at the checkout. P.O. box is not accepted for package delivery.

What payment methods does SafePal support?

For now, the SafePal website supports PayPal and CoinPayments. You can choose to pay in fiat currencies or in cryptocurrencies.

  • Paypal accepts Master, VISA, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

  • CoinPayments now accepts BTC, ETH, BNB Coin (Mainnet).

My order got canceled, why is that?

There are two reasons that could cause order cancellation:

  1. There were multiple orders created. In this case, please check your mailbox and see if you have received multiple order confirmation emails. If indeed there are multiple orders placed at the same time, but only one was paid, then please rest assured that the paid order will be shipped in time and you will receive a delivery notification later.

  2. Crypto payment failure. If you have paid the orders via crypto payment, the transaction failure could cause order auto-cancellation. The transaction failure could be caused by a too low network fee, leaving the transaction unconfirmed on the blockchain. In this case, please check the payment status on the chain using the crypto payment TX ID. If the payment indeed didn't get through, please place a new order again.

How to track my package or get a tracking number?

Once an order is placed, the package will usually be shipped within 3-7 business days depending on the order amount. Once the package is sent, you will receive a shipment confirmation email, which contains the tracking number for your package.

If you don't receive a notification email, it could be possible that you didn't provide the correct email address during the order checkout. Another reason is that you didn't follow the instructions mentioned in this guide.

How long will the package delivery take?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a concrete delivery time to different countries. Due to COVID-19, the shipping time to all destinations has been greatly impacted. Please kindly keep track of your package status according to the package tracking number sent to your mailbox after the package is sent out.

Can I change the shipping information after I placed an order?

It depends.

  • If the package has already been shipped, the shipping information can not be changed. A package is usually sent within 3-7 business days after the order is placed.

  • If the package is not shipped yet, the shipping information can be updated by sending an email to support@safepal.io with your Order ID and updated shipping address.

Please email support@safepal.io to check the latest shipment status of your package.

Still haven’t received my package. What could be the reason?

During the shipment process, there are several steps that could cause a delay in delivery:

Insufficient order information

For each order from our homepage, we will need the shipping info from the user for shipment purpose, including the complete address, zip code, country, and phone number. If any of this information is lacking, our Customer Support team will contact the user for further info, and ship the package later. Details can be found here.

Custom clearance

When the parcel arrives at the destination country, it needs to pass random inspection by the customs. This is where most of the delays actually happen.

Import taxes, customs duties and any fees associated with the clearance process may be applicable and charged by the carrier and/or customs agencies.

SafePal does not collect this fee. Please contact your local customs services for more detailed information before placing your order. Refunds will not be given if you refuse to pay any applicable taxes or customs fees.

When importing goods to any country, taxes/duties may be charged based on the destination country's import regulation. Each country, however, has a different duty & tax rate, and sometimes the customs post this charge based on random selections. Therefore we are unable to specify the duties & taxes for each country in advance.

Please note that the shipping fee which you have paid does not include any taxes/duties. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Package lost

In rare cases, your package may be lost during transportation. In such a case, we will open an investigation process and give you a solution.

What should I do if my package is damaged?

Should the package be damaged, please contact us via support@safepal.io and send us a picture of the damaged product. Our customer service team will assist you in this case as soon as possible.