Wrong VET Transfer

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I added the Vechain ERC20 token with the correct contract address, and transferred some Vechain to that address, but why I can't see my VET balance on SafePal?

The reason why you didn’t see the VET balance is that SafePal for not doesn’t support the Vechain mainnet coin, and the Vechain token you added is an old ERC20 token, but not a mainnet VET coin. Please note that they are different assets on different chains. That’s why you can’t see the balance when you transferred some VET coin to the VET ERC20 address.
In fact, you are not the only user who made the wrong transfer. Many users are confused and make wrong transfers because the new VET mainnet address is exactly the same as the original VET token address format. We have added warnings on the VET receiving address interface, yet a lot of people didn’t notice it.
From SafePal’s perspective, we are not able to override this transfer or retrieve the funds In this case, the fastest and most effective method is to contact the Vechain team) to see if they have any technical solution for this.