Add/Delete Coin

What is the ‘Add coins’ feature and why is it?

“Add coins” feature is a feature that enables users to quickly sync their favourite coins onto the SafePal S1 hardware wallet so that they can sign the transaction with the S1 hardware wallet.

The background of this feature is: When a user firstly creates or resets a wallet on S1 hardware wallet, and pair it with the App, only a few major types of coins will be synchronized between the App and the S1 device, shortening the numbers of QR codes and thus the time for scanning the codes. Once a SafePal App and S1 hardware wallet are paired, then the users can choose their favourite coins up to their needs, and add to S1 device. This will make the user interface more flexible and customized.

A quick tip is that, if you are adding a token, then you don’t need to sync like this. Because when SafePal supports a native coin, all the according to tokens issued on the native blockchain will be supported in default. You don’t need to sync a ‘token’ specially to activate its usage.(Except for the Stellar Tokens.)

How to add coins in SafePal?

Before you start:

Please make sure your software is upgraded to the following version:

Step1:Open SafePal App, on 'Asset' page, click the edit mark button.

Step2:Select all the the coins you would like to add, and then click "Add Coin"

Step3: Scan back and forth between the App and the S1 hardware wallet, so that all the data is correctly synchronized between both parties.

Step4: Then the coins are successfully added! Now you can manage your favourite coins on SafePal!

Add token in the SafePal App

Tips: Stellar(XLM)Coin/Tokens are quite special. After a simple search through the SafePal App, you still need to scan the QR code to signature confirm before sync it to the SafePal wallet.

Each time you add a Token, it will take 0.5 Stellar (XLM). Of course, you can also delete tokens. After deleting the tokens, 0.5 Stellar (XLM) will be returned.

Meanwhile, when transferring Stellar (XLM) Coin/ tokens requires that both parties (receive/send)to the transaction has already added this Coin/Token.

Custom add feature for Tokens like ERC20 、TRC10 And TRC20

This is an advanced feature of SafePal that enable SafePal users to add a new token in a few simple steps.Following is the example of adding TOMO (ERC20) Token into the SafePal S1 hardware wallet:

1. Open the “Coin Management” interface in the SafePal App and choose “Add Custom Token”.

2.Fill in the needed information. All of the inquired information can be found on the blockchain browser.

Since TOMO is an ERC20 Token, the information about it can be found on the Ethereum browser at "".

3.In a few seconds after submitting the information, you can see that the TOMO token has been successfully added to the SafePal App! Now you are good to receive and pay with your TOMO token.