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How to send money with a SafePal S1 wallet

How to check my transaction status?

You can check the transaction status in the SafePal app(see the following picture).
By clicking 'More Details' in the App, you will be redirected to the according blockchain scanner, where you can find more concrete details.

Why is my transaction unpackaged by miners?

This situation might occur when you set a lower fee that causes longer wait until the transaction is included in the next block (confirmed by the respective network). In some cases, when the fee is too low, the transaction might not be processed at all and will return to its source after a few days.
It is important to know that the SafePal hardware wallet is only responsible for signing the transaction when sending from the device. It is not responsible for confirming the transaction on the respective network.

If not processed, how long would it take to return the transaction?

It depends on the network behaviour and unfortunately, the time frame cannot be predicted precisely. You don't need to worry as your transaction will not vanish, everything is processed or returned eventually (usually within some days).
SafePal cannot in any way speed up this process. It is completely in the hands of the respective network/blockchain.

What should I do if I transfer to a wrong address?

Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is irreversible. If the transaction has been made, there is no way to stop it or get your assets back unless you know the person who received the transaction and you can ask them for your assets.

Do you receive the transfer fee from the transaction? What is the rate?

SafePal doesn't charge any fee when users send/receive money via our wallet. The fee you mentioned in the App is actually a minor fee(gas) paid for the miners.
Shown as follow.
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