How to remove coins/tokens from the SafePal wallet

Some of you may receive unknown tokens that are not bought by you. These tokens could be a harmless wrong transfer from another user or a possible malicious Dust Attack. This guideline will introduce how to remove these tokens from the wallet asset list and protect yourself from potential risks.

Why do I receive these unknown tokens in the wallet?

There are different explanations for the unknown tokens: 1. The coins/tokens might come from a wrong transfer. It happens a lot in the crypto industry. Since blockchain addresses are long and complicated, people might transfer tokens to a mistyped address. As block-chain addresses are anonymous and all on-chain transfers are irreversible, it is impossible to trace who sent the tokens.

  1. The tokens might come from an Air-Drop activity. Some blockchain projects would directly air-drop tokens to personal addresses as a way of marketing promotion. However we should be aware that some Air-Drop activities come from scam projects, hence it is recommended that you shall handle these tokens with caution.

  2. The tokens might come from a dust attack. A dusk attack is usually used to track the fund flows of an account and who the account belongs to. If you receive any tokens from a dust attack, the best way is to leave it as it is and never use the funds.

Regardless of the scenario, our advice is to avoid using these unknown tokens and leave them in your wallet. You can dismiss them away from your asset list so that you are not bothered by them when using the SafePal App.

How to dismiss the unwanted coins/tokens from my wallet asset list?

Step1. Click “Plus sign” on the asset list interface.

Step 2. Switch off the token that you don’t want from the list. Here we will use MNEB(BEP20) as an example.

Go back to the asset list interface, you will notice the token has been removed from the list.