Deposit To The Binance Trading DApp

Step 1 Login to the Binance Trading DApp

Follow the login tutorial and login to the Binance Trading DApp

Step 2 Go to the Wallets page, and click Deposit

Step 3 Select the token you wish to deposit

Search for the token you want to deposit, and enter the next step. This tutorial uses BNB as an example. Since this is a deposit to the centralized Binnace account, please make sure you add a MEMO to the upcoming transaction in Step 4.

Step 4 Select the token type, and start to deposit

Select the token type, and choose how you wish to deposit:

A. Direct deposit from the SafePal wallet

To deposit BEP2 BNB into the Binance account, a memo is required. At this step, copy the memo, and click Select Wallet in the Direct Deposit tab
Enter the deposit amount and the memo, then sign the transaction

B. Deposit from other wallets

Copy the address and the memo, and enter them into the wallet you use to initiate the transaction.

Step 5 Confirm the deposit status

Don't forget to go back to the Wallets page in the Binance Trading DApp to make sure the deposit is successful.


I transferred some tokens to the Binance Trading DApp account, but forgot to add a memo. What should I do?

If you forget to add a memo for a Binance Trading DApp deposit, please send the following information to to submit a request.
The team will process the request and return the fund to the original address in 1-3 business days.
    TX ID of the transfer
    Detailed description (so that the support team can understand your request)
    Memo of the original address (if any)
Note: A memo is requested if you sent the deposit from a centralized wallet account such as an exchange account, or the refund cannot be correctly returned to your own centralized wallet.
Last modified 6mo ago