SafePal's Buy Crypto feature bug report
Simplex is the official partner of SafePal's ‘Buy crypto’ service. In December 2019, SafePal has built a partnership with Simplex, and integrated with the Simplex Buy Crypto service inside the SafePal wallet to provide users with user-friendly and convenient fiat onramp capability. For all of the Buy Crypto orders and service details, it is Simplex who is providing the ultimate service and support. All policies for buying crypto in the SafePal app are consistent with the Simplex service terms.
Since SafePal does not access or store any data about users buying Crypto on Simplex, including KYC information, order data, bank card data, etc, in the case of Buy Crypto order inquiries, it is recommended to reach out to Simplex for more direct and faster customer support service.
Simplex customer support can be reached out via:
Last modified 9mo ago
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