I can't view the balance on the S1 hardware wallet, why is that?
Actually, your crypto asset is on the blockchain, and you manage the asset with the only proof of your ownership of these assets---the mnemonic phrase. SafePal App or SafePal server doesn’t store or access your private key, mnemonic phrase, or crypto assets.
S1 hardware wallet is a tool to keep your mnemonic phrase safe and protect your asset from malicious hackers, while the SafePal App is responsible for all the interaction with the internet and blockchain.
Since the S1 device is 100% offline, the balance won't be automatically synchronized to the S1 hardware wallet. It's not until the S1 device signs an out-flow transfer then it 'knows' the existence of this newly added token. To view the balance of your assets, please kindly use the SafePal App.
Furthermore, you don't have to transfer your asset from SafePal App to SafePal hardware device.
Last modified 9mo ago
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