How does SafePal protect your online privacy?

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Recently the data breach of Ledger has caused quite a stir in the crypto space. Thousands of users are impacted by this breach and many of them have lost their valuable funds. We feel deep sympathy for those who have suffered losses in this incident. Meanwhile, we have received a lot of user concerns about the measurements SafePal takes to protect customers’ data security. As a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, SafePal has been taking security and privacy seriously. We shoulder the obligation of protecting not only users’ crypto assets but also personal data security. Following are the key methodology that SafePal has implemented to protect users’ personal information.

1. SafePal App doesn’t access or store any users’ personal information.

SafePal App is the mobile portal for users to connect with their hardware wallets or software wallets, and manage crypto assets in the most friendly way. The SafePal App is a decentralized application, thus SafePal doesn’t request, access or store users’ personal information for normal product usage. A user only needs to download the SafePal App, setup the wallet and create/recover wallet. Through the process, no personal information from the user, including email, phone number and address, is required.

2. SafePal Hardware Wallet order information is deleted on a regular basis.

Starting from this January, SafePal has launched a new mechanism to delete customers’ hardware wallet order information on a monthly basis. For all the orders that have been fulfilled and delivered according to our logistics record, the order information will be reserved for 30 days and then be destroyed from our online system. The 30-day period enables us to provide product return service and after-sale support for our customers in time.

3. SafePal provides NO email subscription moving ahead.

Starting from today, SafePal has canceled the email subscription service from the homepage. From now on, SafePal will only deliver regular updates and announcements from our Twitter and Telegram Channel. Users will only receive SafePal emails from two channels: 1) the hardware wallet order confirmation email and the shipping confirmation email, and 2) email replies when users reach out to our email support proactively. Other than that, all the latest SafePal updates and announcements will be posted through our Twitter and Telegram Channel. Welcome to follow us there and stay tuned for our updates.
SafePal started with the mission to provide a secure and user-friendly crypto management solution for the masses. We have always put security as our top priority and it will always be our main focus in the future. Ideally, we would like to not have your personal information at all, but your package still has to be delivered somehow.

Useful tips for personal data protection in order to minimize data leakage risks:

  • Always use a special purpose email and avoid using your real name for online shopping purpose
  • Change your password from time to time
  • If possible, order online goods using the address of the company that you work for
  • To avoid misunderstanding or delivery failure, you can also tell your reception desk that you are using a pseudonym.
  • Ideally, use an independent phone number for ordering online goods.