Set Up Your SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet In 3 Minutes

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Step 1 Device authentication step-by-step guide

Step 2 Create a new wallet in the S1 hardware wallet

Or recover a wallet in the S1 hardware wallet

Step 3 Add your favorite coins/tokens into the wallet

A. Add coins into the hardware wallet account

Step 1 Upgrade your S1 hardware wallet firmware to the latest version from the SafePal website

Step 2 Open the SafePal App, on the 'Asset' page, click the + icon in the right middle corner

Step 3 Select all the coins that you want to add, and click "Add Coin"

Step 4 Scan back and forth between the App and the S1 hardware wallet, so that the 'Add Coin' info is transferred to the S1 device and activate the coin algorithm.

Step 5 Congratulations! The coins are successfully added! Now you can manage your favorite coins on SafePal!

B. Add tokens into the hardware wallet account

You don't need to sign with the S1 hardware wallet in order to add new tokens into the SafePal App. Simply follow the below screenshot to add new tokens into the wallet and you are good to go!

Special note about XLM tokens: To add any XLM tokens, you will still need to use the S1 hardware wallet to scan and sync the information. Each newly added XLM token will consume 0.5 Stellar (XLM). Once an XLM token is deleted, the 0.5 Stellar (XLM) will be returned.

To send an XLM token, both the sender and the receiver need to add the specific XLM token in their wallets first.

C. Custom add tokens like ERC20, TRC10, and TRC20 tokens

This feature enables users to add a new token when the token cannot be found in the SafePal App yet. Following is the example of adding ERC20 TOMO Token into the SafePal wallet:

1. Open the “Coin Management” interface in the SafePal App and choose “Add Custom Token”.

2. Fill in the needed information. All of the inquired information can be found on the blockchain browser.

Since TOMO is an ERC20 Token, the information about it can be found on the Ethereum browser at "".

3. In a few seconds after submitting the information, you can see that the TOMO token has been successfully added to the SafePal App! Now you are good to receive and pay with your TOMO token.

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