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How to withdraw crypto from exchange to SafePal hardware wallet(Binance as the example)

How to receive crypto using a SafePal S1 hardware wallet

This guideline shows how to receive crypto using only a SafePal S1 hardware wallet without using a SafePal App.
Step 1. Go to Asset Management on your S1 hardware wallet
Step2. We will use Bitcoin as an example. Select Bitcoin
Step 3. Select “Receive”
Step 4. Type in the Pin Code of the S1 hardware wallet
Step 5. Then you can show the QRcode to others so that they can scan and send Bitcoin to you conveniently!
I have received money from others why it doesn't my S1 wallet show up the balance? The S1 hardware wallet will not display the incoming fund flow since it’s 100% offline and cannot communicate with external blockchains or interfaces about the balance display. This is not a bug, but a security feature. Users can view the balance in the SafePal App. You can learn more from here.

I have received money from others, and I saw this on my App. But why doesn't my S1 wallet show up the balance?

This question is about the working mechanism between the App and the S1 device.
Since the SafePal S1 hardware wallet is completely offline, it cannot detect any changes to your balance or list of tokens when you receive money or add/delete tokens in the SafePal App. Only after you send some money from the newly added coin and sign the transaction with the S1 hardware wallet, will S1 hardware wallet ‘knows’ there is a new coin added and display it on the screen.
Based on this mechanism, there won’t be any balance shown on S1 wallet, because it won’t be a reliable number, especially when somebody sends you some money.
We suggest you check the App for concrete balance or a token list.

Why my token is not received after the transaction is already confirmed?

Firstly please check on the blockchain scanner to see if the transaction has succeeded.
If yes, please contact us at to submit a request.
to help locate the problem. It would be very helpful if you could also send along the following information to us:
  • TXid: the unique ID for this transaction
  • App version: Open SafePal App--Setting--About
  • Phone type: brand, OS version

I recovered a wallet on SafePal, but why doesn’t it show all my coins? Did I lose my coins? How do I track them back?

After a wallet recovery and a SafePal App pairing, there might be two reasons why you don’t see all your coins listed in the SafePal App:

1.The token is not added manually in the App

The default token list in the SafePal App includes BTC, ETH and BNB. If you have other tokens to manage, please add the token by searching in the SafePal App.

2.The token isn’t supported by SafePal wallet yet

If you cannot find the token in the SafePal App, it’s possible that it is not supported by SafePal yet. Currency support is our top priority and our dev team is actively integrating with the TOP100 currencies listed on the If your favourite coin isn’t one of them, welcome to list it in the waiting list by submitting this application.Thanks for your understanding. Hope this information helps.
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