I recovered a wallet in SafePal but my balance shows 0 and the addresses are changed. What happened?

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The 1st Question To Ask: Did I recover the wrong wallet?

If you are seeing the following 3 cases happening after you recover a wallet, you can be 100% certain that you are recovering the wrong wallet instead of the original one:
  1. 1.
    The security suffix of the wallet has been changed(Read what is a security suffix)
  2. 2.
    The wallet addresses in the new wallet are obviously different from the old ones
  3. 3.
    There is 0 balance in it

What could be the reasons behind this?

There could be the following reasons causing a different wallet after a recovery:

Reason 1 The seed wasn't correctly input.

There could letters missing or typo in the seed words. All BIP39 seed words can be found in this list. Check if you made any incorrect input. If a seed word that doesn't belong to the BIP39 word list is entered in the SafePal wallet recovery page, the input frame will turn red.
When users enter a wrong seed word that doesn't belong to BIP39 word list, the input space will turn red.

Reason 2 The seed was correctly input, but in the wrong order.

Please note that a different order of seed words will lead to different wallets. Make sure you enter the right order of the seed phrase carefully.

Reason 3 The previous wallet used a Passphrase, but you forgot to turn it on during the wallet recovery.

The Passphrase is an advanced feature to create hidden wallets under the same set of seed phrases.
To put it simple, it looks like this:
  • Seed A = Wallet A
  • Seed A + Passphrase = Wallet B
Using a Passphrase will lead to a totally different wallet compared to only using the seed phrase. Please think hard if you have ever set a Passphrase on the previous wallet account. If yes, you will need to turn it on and enter to correct Passphrase during the wallet recovery.
If you don't remember setting a Passphrase, but still recover a wrong wallet, try to enter the Passphrase same as your Security Password. A lot of users confuse Passphrase with the Security Password and mistakenly set the Passphrase same as the Security Password.

Reason 4 The seed phrase wasn't correctly written down originally

If you check and confirm the above steps, and still see a different wallet after the recovery, then the only remaining possible reason is that the seed phrase you have was never correctly recorded. For this case, unfortunately, SafePal cannot help retrieving your seed phrase because SafePal doesn't not access or store your seed phrase or private key.

Reason 5 The mnemonic phrase is not a BIP39/44 standard mnemonic phrase

SafePal supports BIP39/44 mnemonic generation standard. If your mnemonic phrase is not BIP39/44-compatible, it cannot be properly recovered on a SafePal wallet.
Hope you can access your wallet again very soon.