Supported currencies

Which tokens does SafePal support?

For now, SafePal supports BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, XLM, TRX, NEO, Dash, ETC, DOGE, ONE, Zcash, DGB, DOT(Mainnet is yet launched), KSM, QTUM and the Tokens below.

ERC20 tokens BEP2 tokens TRC10, TRC20 tokens NEP-5 tokens EOS-tokens XLM-tokens

Is there a roadmap for the SafePal currency support?

Thanks for your interest in SafePal! Since SafePal S1 went on sale last May, we have put currency support at the highest priority and finished the integration of 19 blockchains and 10K+ tokens into the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. During the past year, we received a lot of user feedback(thank you all!), some of them are related to currency support, and more of them are related to the strong demand for more useful product features, such as exchange, multi-sig, staking and so on.

With this feedback, we deeply feel that it's not enough to simply focus on currency support. It is also important to iterate the product functions in more diversified ways to meet the evolving user demand. After several rounds of user research of the product team, we decided to prioritize functions related to exchange and software wallets in the Q2 & Q3, thus to satisfy diversified crypto management demand under different scenarios.

Considering this, the speed of currency support might be slower than previously. And we will surely open for another massive round of currency support once the new SafePal version is released. In the meantime, the whole SafePal team is always keeping an open mind for community feedback and suggestions, and adjust the priority according to user needs. Thank you for your support and patience. We will surely keep everyone actively posted of our latest update! Should you have any suggestions or ideas about new product features, let us know anytime!

Welcome to join our community to stay tuned!

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Twitter: @iSafePal

How many currencies can a SafePal S1 wallet accommodate?

As Ledger Nano S users might know, on Nano S, users will need to install different Apps to manage different cryptocurrencies, and each App represents one currency.

Due to the limited memory of Ledger Nano S, it can only support 3-4 cryptocurrencies at the same time, meaning that if there is a 5th currency needed to be added, users will have to un-install an App from Nano S first, and then install the 5th currency. This could cause confusions and inconveniences among users.

The software architect of SafePal S1, on the other hand, is quite different from Ledger. SafePal S1 adopts the architect of "one program supporting all encryption algorithms", which gives strong scalability to SafePal S1 for multi-currencies support.

Let's assume there are three blockchains: A, B and C. All of them are using the same encryption algorithm. If you want to manage them on a Ledger Nano S, you will have to install them one by one into the device, and each of them will take up 1/3 or 1/4 memory of the hardware device.

On SafePal S1, things are totally different. Since all of the three blockchains are using the same encryption algorithm, and SafePal S1 program has supported such algorithm, integrating these three blockchains won't pose obvious challenges or threat to the device memory.

For now, most blockchains are adopting encryption algorithms such as secp256k1, nist256p1 and ed25519, which are all support by SafePal S1 already. So technically, SafePal S1 can support unlimited of cryptocurrencies. This structure is very different from Ledger, and is also a strong highlight of SafePal S1.

SafePal S1 has supported firmware upgrade. Users are able to on-board new currencies through upgrading their SafePal devices. Welcome to learn more about "How is SafePal firmware upgrade secure?". Let us know if it helps!