PIN code

PIN code? Password? They are the same, right? What is the difference?

The SafePal wallet is composed of two parts: the SafePal App and the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. There are security settings for both of them.
To help users to better distinguish, we would use 'security password' for the SafePal App, and 'PIN code' for the SafePal S1 hardware wallet.
Password on the SafePal App is a set of at least 8 alphanum(letters and numbers).
PIN code on the SafePal S1 hardware wallet is a set of 6-12 digits.

Important tips about the PIN code on a SafePal S1 device

SafePal PIN code on the S1 device is used to approve transaction and security settings. It is very important for transaction verification. Please do not disclose the PIN code to anybody. Meanwhile, here is some security practice you might need to learn about:
1. Please avoid setting weak PIN codes such as "123456" or "666666".
2. PIN is a list of 6-12 digit numbers.
3. For security, if you mistype PIN multiple times, the system would delete private key automatically. Once deleted, you would need to recover your wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase.
4. SafePal would not store your PIN code. If you forget the PIN, please reset wallet, recover it with the correct mnemonic phrase and set a new PIN code.
Learn more about the Security Password in the SafePal App here

What if I forget the PIN code on the S1 device?

Sorry to hear that you forgot the Pin code. Since SafePal doesn't store or access your security information such as the mnemonic phrase or the passwords, only the owner of the wallet is able to recover the wallet and reset the PIN codes. Here is the instruction if you forget the PIN code.
    Important: Make sure you have the correct mnemonic phrase backed up.
    Reset your S1 hardware wallet (go to Setting-Reset wallet) and recover the wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase and Passphrase (if you set any). During the wallet recovery, you will be able to set a new PIN code for the wallet. Here is a tutorial on how to recover a wallet on an S1 hardware wallet
If you see a different wallet after the wallet recovery, it's possible that you've made a wrong wallet recovery. In this case, here is an article for further instructions. Hope this helps.
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