Login To Binance Trading DApp

Step 1 Download the latest SafePal App

SafePal Wallet: Manage your crypto quickly, easily and safely | SafePal

Step 2 Open the Binance Trading DApp

Step 3 Click the wallet icon on the DApp page

Step 4 Select the wallet you wish to connect to the Binance Trading DApp

The Binance Dapp within the SafePal App is NOT connected to your normal Binance Account. They are separate and at the moment can not be linked. All users that wish to use the SafePal Binance Spot Trading must deposit and withdraw crypto funds via this Binance wallet account in order to gain access to trading.

Step 5 Successful login and ready to trade

After entering the security password, your SafePal wallet will have been successfully paired with the Binance DApp wallet account. In the meantime, a Binance DApp account shortcut is auto-created in the wallet list. You can enter your Binance DApp account directly from there.
Once a wallet is paired with the Binance DApp, a shortcut to the account will be auto-created.
Last modified 8mo ago