Cross-chain Swap

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On June 16, 2020, SafePal has released the Cross-chain Swap feature, enabling users to swap crypto across different blockchains. With this feature, you can:

Swap token A to token B across different networks

Using the SafePal Cross-chain Swap, you are able to exchange tokens without worrying about which network it belongs to. Simply select the token that you want to swap for and create a swap order inside the SafePal App. It's never been easier!

Bridge a token from blockchain A to blockchain B

A token could be released on multiple blockchains. Take USDT as an example, there is ERC20 USDT, BEP2 USDT, BEP20 USDT, and TRC20 USDT! It would be difficult if you want to participate in a USDT DeFi project built on Ethereum while you only have BEP20 USDT in your hands. Now the SafePal Cross-chain Swap has made this process silky smooth. By clicking Bridge on the Swap page, you are able to swap the USDT between different networks with a few clicks! The even better part is that SafePal doesn't charge swap commission from any Bridge order. You only need to pay the network fee to transform the token. How convenient and cost-effective!