Is it recommended to recover an old seed phrase on SafePal wallet?
For security concerns, when you use the SafePal wallet for the first time, it is always safer to create a new wallet on SafePal and transfer your funds into it.
The key problem behind an old seed phrase recovery is that you never know if the seed has been exposed before the recovery. Hence creating a new wallet and move your funds over will be considered safer option to do when you want to migrate your wallet account.
SafePal is using BIP39/44 standard so you could recover the mnemonic phrase in any other BIP39/44 compatible wallet.
If you still want to recover a seed phrase into SafePal, here is a tutorial video showing how to do it.
Never give it to anybody.
Always keep it in the security place.
Anyone who gets your mnemonic can fully control your assets
Last modified 9mo ago
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