Derivation paths supported by SafePal

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SafePal is using BIP39/44 mnemonic phrase standard. However, even using the same mnemonic standard, the different derivation paths may also result in different currency addresses.
The following info is the derivation path of the address of the currency already supported by SafePal for your reference.
BTC(Legacy): m/44h/0h/0h BTC(SegWit): m/49h/0h/0h BTC(Native SegWit):m/84h/0h/0h
LTC(Legacy):m/44h/2h/0h LTC(Native SegWit): m/84h/2h/0h
BCH(Legacy):m/44h/145h/0h BCH(CashAddr):m/44h/145h/0h
DASH:m/44h/5h/0h DOGE:m/44h/3h/0h ZEC:m/44h/133h/0h DGB:m/84h/20h/0h QTUM:m/44h/2301h/0h
ETH:m/44h/60h/0h BNB:m/44h/60h/0h ETC:m/44h/714h/0h BNB(BEP20):m/44h/60h/0h XRP:m/44h/144h/0h ONE:m/44h/1023h/0h NEO:m/44h/888h/0h TRX:m/44h/195h/0h EOS:m/44h/194h/0h XLM:m/44h/148h/0h DOT:m/44h/354h/0h KSM:m/44h/434h/0h