Binance DEX
This section provides instructions and FAQs about Binance DEX features on SafePal wallet. If you cannot find the answers you need here, let us know at to submit a request.
, and we will update the content as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy the most secure and user-friendly crypto life empowered by SafePal.
Before you start: Please make sure your software version is ready to for the Binance DEX features:
-App version: 1.1.0 and above
-Firmware version: 1.0.10 and above
There are 2 methods for trading on DEX with a SafePal hardware wallet. Feel free to choose either way and trade as you wish below.
1. Trade on Binance PC client with SafePal wallet logged-in to DEX via WalletConnect.
2. Trade inside the SafePal App anywhere, anytime, without having to log in to DEX or carrying a laptop or tablet.
The coming instructions will introduce each method separately.
Last modified 6mo ago
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