Can I create multiple wallets on 1 SafePalS1? Or can I pair 1 S1 with multiple SafePal Apps?

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Can I create multiple wallets on one SafePalS1?

Yes, you can create as many wallets as you want with a SafePal S1 hardware wallet. But you can't switch between different wallets automatically. you can reset the wallet and create a new wallet with the same device but cannot manage them in parallel at the same time.
In this case, you can also consider using the Passphrase feature which allows users to create multiple hidden wallets under one mnemonic phrase. and it's easier to switch. Learn more here:

Can I pair one SafePal S1 with multiple SafePal App?

If you are using the multiple phones together, the good news is that you can install SafePal App on them, and pair them with the SafePal S1 at the same time. Whichever cellphone you are trying to send crypto with, you'll need to enter the security password on that specific cellphone, and also fill in the PINcode on the S1 device. So there won't be a security issue of pairing the S1 with multiple cellphones.