Best security practices

1. Always keep your mnemonic phrase in secure locations

The mnemonic phrase, another format of the private key is the only proof of ownership for your crypto assets. Once lost, nobody including SafePal team could help to recover your assets. Please store the phrase in offline and secure places, such as a safe box.

Be careful of scammers!

1.The SafePal official support channels are:

Twitter:@iSafePal Telegram:@SafePalwallet

Please do not trust any other channels. They might be hosted by scammers!

2.No one from the SafePal team will ever ask you for your mnemonic phrase or money. The only access to your crypto asset is the mnemonic phrase, always keep it secure in your hands.

2. Always set a strong PIN code

The PIN code on the S1 hardware wallet would be used as your signature when you need to approve and sign a transaction. Please avoid using weak PIN codes such as “123456” or “666666”. Try to set a complex and strong PIN code instead.

3. Reset wallet when you stop using the device

Please remember to reset wallet(SafePal device--Settings--Reset wallet) and wipe all data if you decide to quit using SafePal wallet for a while. Don't worry about losing money. Once the wallet is reset, you can still recover the wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase. So don’t forget to back up mnemonic phrase before reset.

4. Keep a low profile of your crypto assset

It is always better to keep a low profile and not telling anyone how many asset you possess. You should be especially cautious when talking to your friends through social network about your crypto assets. Hackers might pay special attention to such information, and you account could become a target.

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