Set up your SafePal wallet within 3 minutes

Dear user:

Due to early transportation of goods to our global warehouses, some of the SafePal devices might not be installed with the latest firmware. Before using the SafePal device, please kindly check if it is with the latest firmware, and decide whether you want to have a firmware upgrade.

How to check if my firmware is the latest one?

The latest SafePal S1 firmware version can be found in the ‘Upgrade’ tab of SafePal homepage.

To check the firmware version on your S1 device, please kindly set up the device according to the following instruction first, and then on the S1 device, on to ‘Settings--About’, you will find the firmware version installed in your S1 device.

How do I decide if I need an upgrade?

Different firmware version is embedded with different currencies and product feature. You can firstly check ‘what happens between my version and the latest version’ from our Changelog and then decide whether to upgrade or not. We recommend to regularly upgrade in order to on-board new currencies and features.

What happens if I don’t upgrade the wallet?

The SafePal firmware upgrade is not mandatory. It is up to every user to decide whether they need an upgrade or not. It will not impact any of the user experience if you decide not to upgrade.

However, We will still recommend upgrading in order to on-board some important security features and currencies.

  • Check here to confirm the App and firmware version.

  • Click "Changelog" to see whatmilestones we have made when you are not here.

  • Click here to download and upgrade the latest version.

Step 1: Start the SafePal device

The Long press power button and start the device.

Step 2: Select the language

For now, SafePal supports English and Chinese. More languages will be coming soon!

Step 3: Create or Recover your wallet

Create a new wallet

Step 4: Don't forget to add your favorite coins into the asset list!

Recover a wallet