[TKO] Join Telegram to Earn TKO + SFP

Task 2 Join Tokocrypto Telegram and SafePal Telegram Group to Earn TKO + SFP
This article provides the step-by-step guidelines of how to participate in the “Join Telegram” task in the Tokocrypto Wallet Holder Offering airdrop. For more details of the airdrop, please refer to our official announcement.

Step 1: Join Tokocrypto & SafePal On Telegram

Go and join the official Wallet Holder Offering Partner Telegram Accounts
Tokocrypto Telegram
SafePal Telegram

Step 2: Open the SafePal Wallet Holder Offering Dapp

Step 1: Open Telegram, search for the "SFPSam_bot", and click /Start. OR Open SafePal Wallet Holder Offering DApp and within the Join Telegram Task, click the "SFPSam_bot"
Select the Join Telegram Task
Click the @SFPSam_bot
Step 2: Follow the instructions and join the TokoCrypto and SafePal community.
Step 3: Once joined, open the "Wallet Holder Offering-TKO" DApp in the SafePal App, enter the Telegram task
Step 4: Click the "Claim Now" button, then you can earn extra 0.2 Shares of the reward pool once you finish any task from Task 4, Task 5, and Task 6.