[TKO] Holding Challenges

Step 1: Download And Set Up The SafePal App

For Android users, please download the latest version of the SafePal App from the SafePal download page. Then set up the App settings including security password, login pattern, etc.
For iOS users, please read through the instructions on this page before downloading the new V2.5.3 version.

Step 2: Create A SafePal Wallet

If you are using a SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet, you can learn how to set up the wallet from this article
SafePal also supports Software Wallet. You can create and set up a SafePal Software Wallet by following the instructions in the following link. Don’t forget to keep your seed phrase in secure locations!

Step 3: Select A Swap & Hold Challange

Once a SafePal wallet is created, head over to the DApps Store within the App, and click the ‘Wallet Holder Offering-TKO’ DApp. By entering the DApp, you will be able to see all the holding challenges.
In the Holding Challenge section, there are 2 holding tasks such as the SFP Holding Challenge and BNB Holding Challenge. In this guide, we will use the SFP Holding task as an example.

Step 4: Swap The Requested Amount Of A Requested Token Through SafePal Swap Feature

Once you have read and understood the requirements of a holding challenge, now it’s time to participate and complete the challenge! In the SafePal App, click the Swap tab at the bottom of the navigation bar, and create a swap order for the holding challenge. A swap order will usually be completed in 15-30 minutes. Please wait patiently for the swap process. The holding amount of token depends on the quantity filled in at the time of swap.
A step-by-step swap tutorial can be found here

Step 5: Hold The Token In SafePal Wallet For 7 Days

Once the swap order is completed, go back to the ‘Claim SFP’ DApp. Select the right holding challenge, and click ‘Join Now’. Once joined, you will see a 7-day countdown to the final share of the challenge reward pool.
Please note the holding countdown will lose effect if the token balance is below the swapped amount during the holding period. Once the balance is below the limit, you will have to wait until the countdown is refreshed on the countdown page and start holding again for another 7-day cycle.

Step 6: Take Your Share From The 2,000,000 TKO + $100,000 SFP Reward Pool & Wait For Final Distribution

Congratulations holders! Now you have completed a holding challenge, and will be automatically credited with 1 share from the 2,000,000 TKO + $100,000 SFP reward pool. Campaign data will be announced and SFP tokens will be credited to your wallet accounts on March 31st. Follow SafePal on Twitter or Telegram for the latest announcements and updates!

When will I get my rewards?

  1. 1.
    The campaign will end by March 28th at 3PM JKT Time
  2. 2.
    Calculation of the results will be announced and the tokens will be credited to qualified participants’ accounts on March 31st.
  3. 3.
    The TKO+SFP tokens will be sent to qualified participants’ BSC address after TKO is listed (no confirmed date yet)

How is my share calculated?

By the time the campaign ends after March 28th, all participants who have finished the challenges will share the 2,000,000 TKO Token + $100,000 USD worth of SFP reward pool. The reward token amount each participant receives is calculated based on how many participants are sharing the pool and how many tasks the participants complete. The calculation formula is as follows:
Each Participant’s SFP Reward = [(2,000,000 TKO + $100,000 USD Worth of SFP) / Number Of Total Tasks Completed ] * Number Of Tasks Completed By Each Participant


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