[TKO] Tokocrypto Exclusive Task

Register On TokoCrypto

(For Indonesian Users Only)

This is a Tokocrypto exclusive task for Indonesian users only via the Wallet Holder Offering Airdrop. The purpose of the campaign tasks remains committed to educating and rewarding users for actual participation in the TokoCrypto ecosystem.
Step 1: Make sure you have 20 SFP in the SafePal Wallet in order to participate in this task. You can swap for the 20SFP using the SafePal Swap feature.
Step 2: Sign up to Tokocrypto Exchange by following this tutorial.
Step 3: Complete the KYC Process following this Tokocrypto tutorial
Step 4: Open the "Wallet Holder Offering-TKO" DApp within the SafePal App, click the TokoCrypto task, and enter your registered Tokocrypto email to claim 3 shares
If you encounter any issues surrounding the Tokocrypto Exchange registration, please reach out to the Tokcocrypto Team at: