[POTS] Moonpot CAKE Game
This article is a step-by-step guideline of how to participate in the exclusive Moonpot CAKE game in the Moonpot Wallet Holder Offering campaign. For the complete participation rules of the campaign, please refer to our blog announcement.
Only the wallets that are whitelisted for the campaign are able to view this exclusive Moonpot CAKE game. Details of the whitelist guidelines can be found here. The DEADLINE for the Whitelist Snapshot is at 2AM UTC on July 22, 2021.

3 things before you start:

    Make sure you have downloaded the latest SafePal App from here, set up the SafePal App, and created a wallet in the App.
    Don’t forget you’ll also need some BNB (BEP20) in your wallet for transactions fees. Moonpot is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so make sure your BNB is a BEP-20 token on BSC. You cannot use BEP-2 BNB on Binance Chain to pay transaction fees.
    The staking period of CAKE in Moonpot is 10 days. That means it will take 10 days before you can unstake the CAKE, harvest the yields and the lottery (if you win) from Moonpot.
Once you’re confident you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to enter a win-win lottery!

Step 1 Open Moonpot in the SafePal App

In the SafePal App, click the DApp tab, and click on Moonpot in the 'Hot' tab

Step 2 Connect your SafePal wallet to Moonpot

Click [Connect Wallet] in the top right corner. Follow the instructions given to connect your SafePal wallet to Moonpot. Finally, click the [Play] button to continue.

Step 3 Select the CAKE Moonpot

Once you have connected the wallet, you’ll now see a list of all the available Moonpots. In the case of SafePal X Moonpot WHO campaign, let’s start staking in the CAKE Moonpot. Click [Play with CAKE] for more details on depositing.

Step 4 Stake at least 10 CAKE into the CAKE Moonpot

Now’s the time to enter the amount of crypto you want to stake. You can also press [Max] to stake all your holdings and see the prize split with the drop-down arrow. Please make sure that you put at least 10 CAKE in the CAKE Moonpot. Once you’re happy with the amount you want to stake, click [Deposit].

Step 5 Confirm the deposit

You’ll now get to confirm the details of your deposit before adding your funds. Remember, once you’ve entered a Moonpot your crypto will be locked for two weeks. Click [Confirm deposit] once you’re happy with the amount, returns, and other information.
Congratulations! You’ll now have successfully entered a Moonpot and can start earning interest.

Step 6 Verify the task and claim 3 shares from the 1,000,000 POTS reward poot

Please go back to the Moonpot CAKE game page within the SafePal Wallet Holder Offering-POTS DApp, and click 'Verify' on the page. Congratulations! You've claimed 3 shares from this exclusive task! Please wait patiently for the campaign results that will be announced on July 28. Should you encounter any problems surrounding using Moonpot, welcome to reach out in the Moonpot Telegram community.

Extra Bonus: Win extra CAKE yields and the Moonpot lottery draw

Don’t forget to check back soon to see if you’ve won any of the regular prizes given away in each Moonpot. You can do this by heading to the [My Active Pots] section of the app. This area will show you all the Moonpots you’ve deposited and when the next draw is.
In our 10 CAKE example, there’s the opportunity to win 6000 CAKE in two days, 23 hours, and 48 minutes.
If you have been lucky enough to win a prize, you’ll be presented with the details of your win as well as any interest you’ve also earned. Your winnings will be automatically added to the Moonpot for you to withdraw.
If you unfortunately didn’t win, you’ll still get a breakdown of the interest you’ve earned so far.
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