[POTS] Register for Whitelist Snapshot

This article is a step-by-step guideline for how to register for the whitelist in the Moonpot Wallet Holder Offering airdrop. For the complete participation rules of the campaign, please refer to our blog announcement.

Step 1 Get prepared for the campaign

Make sure you have downloaded the latest SafePal App from here, set up the SafePal App, and created a wallet in the App.

Step 2 Check if your wallet account meets the whitelist requirements

The participant limitation is 20,000, meaning only the first 20,000 users who are whitelisted successfully are able to participate in the campaign.
Wallets that qualify with either of the following requirements can be whitelisted and continue to participate in the Moonpot CAKE game:‌
  • At the snapshot time, the BEP20 address of this wallet stores at least 300 SFP, or
  • at the snapshot time, the wallet is paired with an S1 hardware wallet.

Step 3 Sign up for the whitelist

If your wallet qualifies either of the above requirements, please follow these steps to sign up for the whitelist:

1. Open the 'Wallet Holder Offering-POTS' DApp within the SafePal wallet

2. Select the 'Whitelist' task and click 'Join Now' to sign up

Step 4 Wait for the Snapshot

A snapshot will be taken at 2AM UTC, July 22, 2021, to decide which wallets qualify with the above standards. Once your wallet passes the whitelist verification, you should be able to see the Moonpot CAKE game inside the WHO DApp.
Congratulations! Now you can go ahead and complete the Moonpot CAKE game and win from the 1,000,000 POTS airdrop pool! Check how to play the Moonpot CAKE game from the below article