Unlock SFP Tutorial

During the Round 1 and Round 2 SFP Airdrop campaigns, thousands of users have participated and claimed SFP in their SafePal wallets 🔥 . The SFP tokens claimed in the wallet are not transferable until the exchange listing date 📅 .

As the SFP public sale on the Binance Launchpad is drawing to an end, SFP will be listed on Binance soon. This tutorial is to teach users how to unlock and receive SFP in their SafePal wallets. Once the SFP is transferred to all the valid BSC addresses, users are able to send and receive SFP through the Binance Smart Chain. 🥳


Please note that the SFP will be valid for 6 months and users have to unlock and claim their SFP before 📅 August 9, 2021. After that, all the unclaimed SFP will be collected and allocated into the community airdrop token pool for future airdrops.

Step 1 Update the SafePal App to the V2.5.5 version

Step 2 SFP holder pre-registration

By entering the SFP token page, you will see an 'Unlock' button beside the SFP balance. Click 'Unlock' and approve it using your security password or Touch ID.

After the unlock, your BSC address will be registerd as a valid address and ready for the upcoming SFP transfer.

If you have updated the App to V2.5.5 and still don't see the 'Unlock' button beside the SFP balance, you can also enter the 'Claim SFP' DApp to find the 'Unlock' button as shown below.

Step 3 Wait for the SFP auto-transfer

At the time when SFP is officially listed for trading on the Binance platform, SFP will be auto-transfer to the pre-registered addresses through the Binance Smart Chain. The transaction's complete-time depends on the Binance Smart Chain network status. The gas fee of the SFP transactions will be paid by SafePal. Users don't need to pay for the transaction fee.

Once the SFP is transferred, the TX ID for the specific SFP transaction will be displayed on the SFP token page (see the screenshot below). You can view the transaction status through the BSCScan.

Step 4 Send, Receive & Trade SFP in the SafePal wallet

Once the SFP is transferred to your BSC address, you can start to send, receive and trade your SFP in the SafePal wallet! 🥳 🥳

SFP is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain. To transfer SFP, please deposit BEP20 BNB in the wallet as the network gas.

Want to trade without leaving the SafePal wallet? Use the Binance Trading DApp within the SafePal App to trade frictionlessly and swiftly! Click the following tutorial to learn how to trade SFP on the Binance platform without even leaving the SafePal wallet! 👇 👇👇

pageTrade On The Binance Trading DApp


What if I forget my security password?

Since SafePal doesn't store any of your personal information such as phone number or email, we cannot help to recover your account once you forget the password or PIN code. If you forget the password in the SafePal App, please follow the following steps to reset your security password:

  1. Make sure you have backed-up your seed phrase

  2. Delete, and re-install the SafePal App

  3. Recover your wallet in the SafePal App using the correct seed phrase. During the wallet recovery, you are able to set a new wallet password.

If you see a different wallet after the wallet recovery, it's possible that you've made a wrong wallet recovery. Read the following article for further instructions:

pageI recovered a wallet in SafePal but my balance shows 0 and the addresses are changed. What happened?

What are the SFP allocation, use cases and tokenomics?

For all details of the SFP tokenomics, please refer to our latest SFP whitepaper.

When is the Binance listing time?

The SFP listing time on Binance is subject to Binance's official announcement. Please kindly wait patiently and stay tuned for the latest announcements from Binance.

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