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Dear User,
SafePal has been fully launched to provide assistance through the official website. Check out the following tutorials to learn how to quickly find the answers you need and submit a request quickly.
1.Please visit SafePal official website and click 'Help' Tab at the bottom.
2.Enter the questions or keywords you need to consult.The Answer bot will search the knowledge base to help you find the related answers.
3.If you can't find the correct answer,no worries,you can also get in touch to leave a message to us.
4.On the “Contact us” page,fill in all needs info,and Select the corresponding product and type. Meanwhile, fill in the details of the question you want to ask, so that we can quickly understand your needs and provide fast and accurate help.
5. When you are done filling in,kindly click “Send” then we will receive your email and will reply to you as soon as possible.Thanks.
Last modified 6mo ago
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