Upgrade FAQ

How to check my SafePal App version and my device SN and firmware version?

App version (Open SafePal App-->Setting-->About )

Firmware version and SN code( Open SafePal wallet-->Settings-->About)

How do I know the firmware is a genuine one?

Firstly, it is important to make sure any compromised or fake firmware cannot be correctly upgraded into a SafePal wallet. Inside SafePal S1 wallet, there implements a firmware verification mechanism that identifies and authenticate every firmware that is uploaded.

For each SafePal firmware version, there will be a unique ID tagged to it. This unique ID is created based on the SHA-256 algorithm, an advanced cryptographic hash function used for data authentications. (Click to learn about What is SHA-256?)

If you are still concerned with the authenticity of the downloaded firmware, here is the suggestion to further verify the firmware reliability:

1.Download or search for an SHA-256 hashing tool.

2.Drag the firmware file into the tool obtained from the previous step. Then there will be an SHA-256 ID created for this firmware.

3.Please carefully check if this ID is identical with the one shown on above. If yes, it proves that the firmware is genuine, and you can proceed with the upgrade procedure.

Why did I upgrade from V1.0.9 to V1.0.12 need to restore the mnemonic phrase, and now I don’t need it after I upgraded to V1.0.13?

Thanks for asking. From V1.0.13, we optimized the upgrade user flow, enabling users, after a firmware upgrade, to directly use the wallet without recovering it by typing the long and complex mnemonic phrase. This could provide much better user experience and save users' effort.

If you are upgrading from an older version(below V1.0.12) to a new version(above V1.0.13), you will be asked to recover the wallet. But after that, you won't need to recover the wallet after upgrading the firmware anymore.

Though we cancelled the recovery after an upgrade after V1.0.13, users will still need to verify PIN code after an upgrade. So the security is not compromised in any aspect.

Is this upgrade compulsive? Can I still use my SafePal wallet if I don't upgrade?

No, this upgrade is not mandatory. Since most of the upgrades are relating to the enlisting of new coins/tokens, it is up to every user to decide whether they need an upgrade or not. It will not impact any of the user experience if you decide not to upgrade.

How do I tell if I need an upgrade in my SafePal wallet?

To tell whether your firmware version is an old one, please open S1 hardware wallet, go to “Settings”--“About” to check the current version. If it’s an old one compared to the one shown on the page, then you might need to read more about the “New features” of the new firmware to decide whether you want to upgrade or not.

Can SafePal support firmware upgrade via mobile phone, rather than PC?

For now, SafePal only supports firmware upgrade from PC, instead of cellphone. Users will need to upgrade SafePal S1 firmware on the laptop or computers.

The reason for this is that the operational systems and ports used by mobile phones on the market are very diversified and differentiated. Though from a technical point of view, it indeed is feasible to conduct a firmware upgrade by using a mobile phone, the compatibility is difficult to balance and achieve. Till this point, firmware upgrade via PC is the most compatible and easiest way for most users.