Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in SafePal! SafePal has already opened the affiliate program!

Join us and earn 15-20% Cash or crypto for every sale! Do not hesitate! Register and earn your month income from now on! More details welcome to visit here!

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How much commission can I get from each product sale?

There are two types of the Rewards: 1) fifteen percent (15%) commission; 2) twenty percent (20%) commission.

The Affiliate will start with the fifteen percent (15%) commission. Once the totall valid Conversions exceed fifty (50), the Affiliate could apply for commission level upgrade to 20% by sending application email to The application email shall include the registered email address for SafePal Affiliate Program. More details kindly check this link!

How do I cash out my commission?

Thanks for asking. An Affiliate can request for a payment of the Reward if and only if the accumulated and unpaid Reward on account exceeds US$100. The Rewards shall be paid in USD via PayPal, within a maximum 60-day delay from the date the Affiliate fulfilled the conditions under the Affiliate Conditions. Conditions to payout of Rewards shall include without limitation actual receipt of funds from the purchase of the Transaction.

If the Affiliate want to quit SafePal Affiliate program, but the unpaid Reward doesn't exceed US$100, the Affiliate can still get the Reward. But under this circumstance, the Affiliate doesn't allow to apply for SafePal Affiliate program again within 1 month. More details kindly check this link!

Does affiliate support crypto payout method?

Yes! But for now SafePal affiliate program only supports BNB as affiliate’s payout method, you can take the steps below to get it set:

1.Log in to your SafePal affiliate account, and click the “Payout Methods” at the bottom left corner.

2.Click “New Payout Method”.

3.Choose “BNB” as your payout method.

4.Fill in your BNB address and then click “Add”.

5.Now you have successfully added BNB as your new payout method.