SafePal Lite Software Wallet

Dear users,

We are excited to share a major product update that we have been working on for the last few months. We’d like to officially introduce the new upgrade of SafePal App, integrated with a decentralized software wallet that we call as SafePal Lite.

The SafePal Lite feature provides a better and smoother user experience for the end-users without the need to buy a separate hardware device. With the new upgrade, users can create a new wallet inside the App, pair the App with an S1 hardware wallet, and switch between the software wallet and hardware wallet to better allocate their crypto fund. In the meantime, the decentralized philosophy and spirit remain unchanged. Users still and always have full ownership and control over their own crypto assets.

Users can download the SafePal App from the SafePal homepage, App Store and Google Play to start using the new SafePal Lite features. Hope you like it!

Through the release of SafePal Lite, we hope to provide a more flexible and convenient way for everyone to manage crypto assets at ease. From the launch of SafePal S1 hardware wallet in May 2019 to the release of SafePal Lite features, our mission to provide the most secure, simple and user-friendly crypto management solution for the masses remains unchanged.

Welcome to download SafePal App to try the Lite features out. Let us know if you have any great product suggestions.Hope you enjoy the most secure and enjoyable crypto life empowered by SafePal!